Year 11 IGCSE revision

465_careers_revisionIGCSE REVISION

Class of 2018: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Well done Year 11s on a fantastic performance in your exams. You all did extremely well and I am delighted to see that all your hard work has been so well rewarded! I wish you all the very best in your future sixth form studies… it has been a pleasure to teach you all.

Future Year 11s (class of 2019): below, please find a list of fabulous websites that will help you with your revision. However, you should be confident that your own notes from your lessons, along with past papers are the best tools you have for effective revision. You can do this!

Good luck! You are going to be BRILLIANT!


Revision websites:

Greenfield geography (very, very comprehensive & my favourite)

Geography pods (IGCSE geography) ( a new favourite – love the layout!)

Case studies galore

Exam structure

Test yourself at BBC Bitesize

Question bank


CIE geography syllabus 2017-19

Mrs Corpas’ complete IGCSE case studies

Case studies complete list 2018




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