Year 11 IGCSE revision

465_careers_revisionIGCSE REVISION

Welcome Year 11s! Here you can find a list of useful websites to help you with your revision. Any questions, just give me a shout…

Good luck! You are going to be BRILLIANT!


Revision websites:

Geography pods (IGCSE geography)

Geography all the way

Time for Geography (fantastic videos about many of our topics)

Geography revision cards

Case studies galore

Exam structure

Test yourself at BBC Bitesize

Question bank

Glossaries of key words

CIE geography syllabus 2020-2022

Mrs Corpas’ complete IGCSE case studies

Case studies complete list 2018

Remember, for any of our topics you can ask me for a revision booklet at any time. I also have full slides for Paper 2 and Paper 4 to dust off those geography skills, just send me an email!

Mrs Corpas

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