Year 11 IGCSE revision



Below, please find a list of fabulous websites that will help you with your revision. However, you should be confident that your own notes from your lessons, along with your case study summaries and past papers are the best tools you have for effective revision.

Remember to pace yourself and make good use of the past papers that I have given you to practise answering questions fully and correctly. READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY. Plan your answers to the bigger mark questions but don’t include detail they are not asking for...! Look for command words e.g. describe, explain, compare etc. but also underline what specific topics they want you to cover e.g. human or environmental impacts or causes, in an LEDC or MEDC etc. Use SEEP (social, economic, environmental and political) to help you brainstorm answers.

Begin by stating the obvious patterns/ features when interpreting photographs and diagrams.


  • If you need more space to answer your questions then make sure you write “continued on additional sheet” and mark CLEARLY on the additonal sheet which question you are adding e.g. 5b iii)

Good luck! You are going to be BRILLIANT!


Revision websites:

Greenfield geography (very, very comprehensive & my favourite)

Geography pods (IGCSE geography) ( a new favourite – love the layout!)

Case studies galore

Exam structure

Test yourself at BBC Bitesize

Question bank




Images taken from: (accessed 10/12/16)