The battle for the Arctic commences…

The North Pole and the frozen seas within the Arctic Circle are melting. We have been living with this uncomfortable truth for decades now and, whichever side of the climate change debate you come down on, there is no denying that year after year, the ice is retreating and access to this far-lung reach of…

Can carbon capture really be compared to renewable energy sources?

The appeal of gas-powered power plants has been waning justifiably under the growing global pressure to cut CO2 emissions and slow climate change. The UK in particular  is under growing pressure to switch to renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar or nuclear energy but the change, as in many MEDCs, is slow to…

G20 promises much, but will it deliver?

G20 summit promises hope for the future of emissions and climate change… or does it? Only time will tell but it is off to a promising start as the USA and China agree to honour the Paris Climate Change agreement:  G20

Welcome to the “anthropocene”

The worrying impact of humans on the physical environment has reached the point where it has arguably generated a whole new geological era: welcome to the anthropocene:

When buried waste won’t stay buried

We thought we could bury our waste and forget about it; a future generation’s problem. We were wrong. Global warming or climate change, whatever you call it, it has far-reaching consequences: global warming secondary effects