Field trips

Field studies are an essential part of our geography curriculum enabling our students to both visualise and contextualise the often powerful geographical themes we study, both physical and human. From afternoon visits to a working farm, tourism assessments in Cambridge city centre and day trips to the dramatically retreating Norfolk coastline, to week long residential stays in field study centres from places as diverse as Gloucestershire, Snowdonia or Normandy and not to mention our amazing 5 day once-in-a-lifetime trip to Iceland, the land of ice and fire, field work is an essential part of geography studies at Sancton Wood school and there are a range of trips organised throughout the year for all year groups and budgets.

Vitally, students have the oppportunity to put into practise those analytical and observational skills which are so critical to the active geographer. These skills put geographical theory to test so that we can build our own evidence for geographical processes and change.

Take a look below at some recent memorable and fun Sancton Wood geography field trips

Year 8 Coastal investigation: Overstrand, Norfolk:

Year 9 Rivers investigation: the River Cam

Flatford Mill IGCSE fieldwork residential, Year 10 (Walton on the Naze coastal study, Ipswich settlement study and Dedham village tourist study)



Sheringham, Norfolk, Year 11 (IGCSE rivers and coasts study)



Rockells Farm, Essex, Year 10 


Rockells Farm, Essex, Year 9


Happisburgh, Norfolk, Year 8


Micheldean, Gloucestershire, Year 10