About geography

Geography is all about our amazing planet and the incredible physical processes that shape and form it, from plate tectonics and the rock cycle through to glacial erosion and extreme weather systems (and everything in-between!) But geography is also about how we interact with our physical environment and the social environments and patterns that we create (think of city life compared to rural settlements, think of migration patterns and the redrawing of international borders or the rise of globalisation and the shrinking of virtual space by technology and so on).

Whether it is human or physical, people or environment, soon you will realise (if you haven’t already) that geography, really is, all around us. If you don’t believe me, go and look out of your window…right now! What do you see?

Welcome to georgaphyatsanctonwood.com

About the department

The geography department at Sancton Wood School is run by Mrs Sophia Corpas (BSC Hons, PGCE). A teacher of humanities and now Head of Humanities my specialism is geography and I studied geography, with a subsidiary in French, at the University of Manchester and later gained my PGCE from the University of Buckingham. I have a background in media, mentoring and project management and came into teaching after taking a career break to raise my three children. I have been and always will remain (as the students will no doubt tell you!) completely in love with the humanities and particularly passionate about both physical and human geography. I have lived in both the UK and Spain and have had both the pleasure and the privilege of travelling far and wide to places as diverse as Peru, Canada and the US to the West, Morocco and Mauritius to the South, Iceland to the North and Thailand, India, Malaysia and Singapore to the East, as well as much of Europe and the UK…. but I still have itchy feet! I cannot ever seem to get enough of our incredible planet and its diverse social and natural ecosystems and I am never happy indoors for too long. I hope that through my lessons, field trips and my blog exploring geography in the news I can impart to my students just how much geography is an exciting, relevant and invaluable subject…it is all around us after all!