It’s not over yet as another, bigger, earthquake strikes in Italy

Italy is barely recovering from the loss of just under 300 people in a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in August in Amatrice. However, just yesterday, the country experienced its biggest earthquake since 1980 when an earthquake measuring a magnitude of 6.6 on the Richter Scale occurred with its epicentre in Norcia, 60 miles to the North East of Rome. Over 15,000 people are already homeless and seeking safety outside of their homes with major and historic buildings badly damaged. So far, there have been no deaths reported but, as Italy lies across an active subduction zone, after-shocks are likely to occur and earthquakes are a feature of Italian life, especially in the central region where these 2 earthquakes have occurred: Italy earthquake: October

For students at Sancton Wood who have just returned from our Iceland trip, they will be very aware of just how powerful such an intense tremor can be as we visited an earthquake simulator representing a magnitude 6.5 earthquake which vividly brought to life the reality of the incredible forces at work in an earthquake. Our thoughts are with the people of Norcia as they seek shelter and calm before the long process of rebuilding can begin.

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