Hinkley gets the final go ahead

It has been a decision delayed since July but today the new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point has finally been given the go ahead and looks set to set the tone for future energy sources in the UK: Hinkley Point approved

The graph of projected energy use, shared in this article by BBC News from the Department of Energy and Climate change, shows a clear shift in energy sources in the UK towards renewables and nuclear energy and a promising reduction in our dependency on oil, gas and coal (all finite and CO2 producing fossil fuels).

Whether we will follow in Frances’ footsteps and increase our dependency on nuclear energy over the coming decades is too soon to tell, but Hinkley Point alone will provide 7% of the UK’s current energy needs.

However, Hinkley Point’s approval has not been universally celebrated as many see it as no longer being economically viable, especially due to the delays in getting started with the project: Hinkley Point is obsolete , while others feel that the money would be better spent on greener renewables: focus should be on renewables.

Either way it’s going ahead and, whether you approve or not, the silver lining is that the new nuclear plant will create around 25,000 much needed jobs.


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