5.7 magnitude earthquake hits Tanzania as new tectonic plates are forming

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake on the Richter Scale has hit northern Tanzania this afternoon, 15:27 local time (12:27 GMT). Damage is extensive and the death toll is likely to rise as the impact of the earthquake is made more severe by its shallow focus (10km) and the fact that the epicentre is in a populated region with poorly constructed buildings: Tanzania earthquake 10/09/16

An earthquake in this region is not that common and is caused by sudden movement along the southern part of a major geological fault line (the Great Rift Valley which is a DIVERGENT plate boundary …. i.e. moving apart). Incredibly, this actually is the site where two new tectonic plates are visibly forming. For more details follow this link: Great Rift Valley

Our thoughts are with the victims of the earthquake, their families and the rescue workers trying to help them.

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